Penny Stocks – Rules for Making Money

Penny stocks are the small company’s low priced risky stocks that are traded in the stock market. Although small and penny, these stocks are the most risky stocks compared to other category stocks. Penny stock companies have small scale business with constraints on its expansion and also an uncertain future ahead. The investors don’t feel like investing much into a lesser growth story stocks and take much of a risk factor.

These are risky trade for investor and also for the traders. Due to lower capitalization and not much known to general public, they are thinly traded stocks. There is even a risk for trader of not getting his holding at a particular time. Lower trading volumes make the operators easy to make huge price fluctuations in the stock, which can endanger the small investor. The penny stocks are always on the radar of the big buying brokerage houses and operators for scams like pump and dump schemes. They even have the risk of getting de listed from the stock exchange, ruining whole investment of the investor.

In spite lots of risks and dangers, the penny stocks are always in investment radar of both the big and small investors. These penny stocks have a potential to give huge and big returns to the shareholders and that too in very short time. They have ability to get double or even triple in just matter of couple of months. Gambling is a popular and strong instinct in humans and investment or trading in penny stocks is a best example of the same. is a good post to read for successful strategies to earn big.

Penny Stocks – Rules for Making Money

Although it is risky and just like a gamble investing into penny stocks and it is advised to trade on value rather than price. There are few important rules of making good profits from penny stocks. The rules for making money out of penny stocks are as follows:

  1. Invest only a nominal value: It is advised to only trade with a nominal value into the penny stocks. It is very comforting to invest more or even whole into stock trading at Rs.7.5 per share rather to buy stocks at Rs. 750 per share. There is a common saying “Don’t lay all Eggs into one Basket”. It is strictly applied in case of penny stocks trade as they are a risky proposition. Investor or trader must have a portfolio where only 20%-30% of total investment should be used for penny stock investment. This will diversify the portfolio and minimize the risk factor and hence chances of better return on investment.
  2. History of Trading Volumes: The penny stocks are low capitalization stocks with very low trading volumes. Majority of the shareholding is with the promoters and they are more often a seller. There are instances where it is very difficult to sell even 200 shares of a particular penny stock. An investor or trader should closely analyze the trading volumes of the stock and make it sure the same need to be consistent. For example: 10 lacs shares traded on the 1st day of trading week, followed by no share traded on rest days of the week. The average volumes will say it is 2 lacs shares per day but the picture is quite different. It lacks consistency. The trading volumes need to be consistent for enable easy buying and selling of a stock.
  3. The myth “It can’t go any lower than this”: It is very easy to trade a low priced stock compared to a high priced blue chip stock. There is a many common myth when it comes to trading penny stock. The most common is “it can’t go any lower than this”. But the true thing is these penny stocks can go as much lower as possible. Even can go to decimals or even get de listed.  People believe in myth rather than the true story of the stock. The stock must be analyzed with fundamental or technical analysis rather than believing in myths. A stock on a downtrend will always be a negative on both technical and for some reason can be negative due to its fundamentals. Stock market especially the penny stock trade should be based on both fundamental and technical analyses rather than artificial beliefs and myths.
  4. Biased Recommendations: The penny stocks are more prone to scams and frauds. There are many biased, false and misleading statements and recommendation regarding penny stocks. These all are done mostly by big brokerage firms, operators to befool small investor and make easy money out of it. Even the promoters by some fake press releases get involved into scams; artificially inculcating to buy their stocks, trapping the small investors. Small Investors are advised to stay away or ignore the fake news especially the free newsletters. The choice of the stock must be on the basis of fundamental or technical analysis to make good money.

Strategies to Earn Big by Successful Penny Stock Trader

The major positive point of differentiation of Penny stocks with other category stock is the return potential to give returns. Penny stocks have a potential to give huge return to an investor which the big company’s stocks are unable to provide. The return from penny stocks is very quick. The return are so huge that the stock can get double to even triple in very short time.

Strategies to Earn Big by Successful Penny Stock Trader

There are many successful traders who have made lot of money put of penny stock trade and had become millionaires. These are like Warren Buffet, Rakesh jhunjhunwala etc.  There is a long list of millionaires being produced from penny stock trade and they have followed some great strategies. The few important strategies for making good money out of penny stock trade are:

  1. Buck the Trend: Successful traders always buck the trend. Here is an important statement from Mr. Warren Buffet “Always be fearful when everyone is greedy, and be greedy when everyone is fearful”. It means to be successful in penny trade, always buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. It is very easy to say but difficult to implement as it is not easy to catch the falling knife. But money is always made when you do something different of out of the box.
  2. Buy the Stock when it is Dump: There are always phases of good and bad in every business and no company is isolated from it. Successful traders or investors always buy the stock when their business is at dump. Most of the small investors sell their holding at adverse time in panic but whereas smart trader always accumulate at lower levels. Buying at adverse time and holding it patiently till the business cycle reverses to its good time. This strategy helps making healthy profits.

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Strategies to Earn Big by Successful Penny Stock Trader (Part 2)

There are few other important strategies followed by successful investors and traders to make good money out of the penny stock trade.

These are as follows:

  1. Research and Analysis: Successful traders always pick the right stock by proper research and analysis. There are two main important analysis i.e. Fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis analyses the financials of the business and technical analysis studies the price movement of the stock. They don’t go by and invest what comes the way. This is where they are different from the small investor. Successful traders never go by trend. Rather they believe in making their own ways of trading.
  2. Invest what can be afford to lose: The most important mantra of successful penny stock traders is they invest only what they can afford to lose. It is very important when it comes to trading into a penny stock. These are very risky stock and can ruin your whole investment. If a trader can afford to lose whole investment, it is very rare that he will get into panic mode when the stock is falling. The penny stock can afford to bounce back sharply too, not only cover the losses but also give profits.Strategies to Earn Big by Successful Penny Stock Trader (Part 2)
  3. Penny pump Finder: Penny Stocks are great money making opportunity, but involve a lot of risks. The only prerequisite is that you find the right stock and trade it at the right and accurate time. Successful traders find use the penny stock pump finder to find the right stock for trading and investment. The software enabled with all the major research and strategies to find the stock and also calculate when to buy and sell the same. Many of the successful traders have made most use of this software and have earned millions out of the penny stock trade.

Penny Stocks – Problems in trading them

Penny Stocks are the most precarious trade compared to any other category of stock traded on the stock exchange. In spite the most potential profitable stocks; these are also the most risky trade for any investor and trader. The price movement of the stock is so huge that it can move up to 20% of the value of the stock price in either direction.

Being most risky, there are also lots of problems trading into the penny stocks. The few important problems encountered during penny stocks trade are:

  1. Pink Sheets: Most of the penny stocks trade is not traded on the major stock exchange, rather on pink sheets. Pink Sheets platform is not a reliable and there is no such a major restriction or guideline for companies to get their stock listed on it. That is the reason these stocks are more prone to scams and frauds hence trapping the small investors.
  2. Low trading Volumes: The small company’s penny stocks have low capitalization and that is the reason these shares have very low trading volumes. Low trading volumes is always a problem trading the stock. The volumes sometimes are that low that it becomes difficult to even sell 200 shares.Penny Stocks – Problems in trading them
  3. Lack of Information: There is always lack of information regarding the company’s financials and outcome of any AGM. The penny stocks are small company stocks which are not much highlighted in the TV news channels. There are also not even brokerage reports on these stocks. Small investor feels very difficult to get the required information for purpose of analyzing the penny stock.
  4. Scams: The penny stocks are very easily prone to scams. These are always on radar of the big brokerage firms and even the promoters who play big scams into these stocks. The most common scam is the pump and dump scheme.

Penny Stocks Newsletter

Penny stocks are the small company stocks traded at very low price on the stock exchange. These are low priced but yet a very risky trading proposition for the traders and investors. Penny stocks are rewarding also for the investors. They can tend to give multiple returns and that too in very short period of time. The only thing is to get that right penny stock to trade which becomes a profitable trade. There are many constraints in picking the right penny stock majorly being the lack of information available for analysis.

The best source to find the best penny stock trade is the paid premium newsletters. There are many premium newsletters available in the market which has history of providing the winners. These newsletters with nominal amount of subscription recommend the subscribers with the profitable penny trade.

Penny Stocks Newsletter

Although these newsletters are an important source that guides the small investors with a profitable penny stock, yet they have some flaws. click here to learn Strategies to Earn Big by Successful Penny Stock Trader. Below are some pros and cons related to penny stock newsletters are:


Goodwill of Newsletter: The most positive regarding the newsletter subscription is that there is goodwill of analyst attached to it. Here that analyst works and recommend for his goodwill rather than only working for profits of subscriber. This gives sufficient confidence for any subscriber to rely on the recommendations.


High Subscription Fee: The most of the premium newsletters have a high subscription fee which is not affordable for all investors. Here is where the low paid or free newsletters peep into. They are unreliable and mostly issued for the purpose of initiating the frauds and scams.

Conclusion: it is concluded that the newsletters is a best source of guide for picking the right profitable penny stock. All a subscriber need to make sure that they get the reliable paid premium newsletter for the purpose.